Welcome to EXP Gaming Community

We offer a massively growing community, an active staff team, custom features

About Us

EXP is currently the largest ArmA III Exile Community out there and we continue to grow!

We provide great servers and platforms

EXP is a Multi-National Gaming community orientated around the ArmA 3 mod known as Exile. We are constantly working on our servers to bring the best experience to our players, besides from custom features we dabble in the odd secret project here and there.

We host a number of Exile servers all on different maps and locations. We wanted to provide a fun and competitive enviroment to our players, and after a lot of hard work we have manage to do just that. Not only do we want our players to have a lot to do on our servers but we also want to act as a community and respond well with another.

EXP has been around since August 2015 and we are still going strong today. We boast 3 servers for our players to get amongst, meaning that if you get bored of one map; you will have plenty of others to jump into.

What We Have To Offer

Want to know why we're the best at what we do? Read Below

24/7 Up Time

We here at EXP promise a 24/7 up time on our servers and if they're not then how are you reading this?

Unique Player Panel

Player Panel? Did I say that? COMING SOON!

Communication and Support

If you need help then our staff team will be on hand to assist or if youjust want to have a friendly chat then our the community is there to help.

Screenshot Worthy

Beautiful scenery and delicately placed objects means our maps are the best around, have a good screenshot? Show us.

Never too far away

EXP has 3 ArmA III Servers, a TeamSpeak 3 Server and a Discord Server; you are never too far away from EXP.

Our Store

Wanna spend all your cold hard TABS? Hop in-game and buy yourself a powerful arsenal.